Sunday, July 17, 2011

Match Report: Chelsea 1-0 Portsmouth

00:00 - Game gets under way!
03:17 - Chelsea seems to be dominating possession as they should be!
03:43 - Ross Turnbull sends a clumsy pass out...
04:30 - Portsmouth defenders overpower Billy Clifford to dispossess Chelsea's attack
05:35 - Flo sends a great cross into the box however it was intercepted by Portsmouth
06:25 - GOAL! Torres's cross is headed into the net by Tal Ben Haim (Portsmouth) it's An embarrassing own goal. Then again, if he hadn't headed it, Malouda was in a position to score. Either that or he thinks he still plays for Chelsea!
08:43 - Chelsea is piling up the pressure in Portsmouth's half as they continue to dominate in possession.
09:32 - Lovely movement! Though it did not go anywhere
14:11 - There hasn't been any real threat to either side... Either really good defensive play or really shitty offensive play from both sides.
15:20 - A Portsmouth free-kick is crossed into the box. Supposed to be a off-side trap but Ivanovic stayed in the box but is able to control it to Kalas who clears it.
18:14 - Ross Turnbull saves a well-placed header. Finally some fucking action!
22:56 - Sturridge tries a long shot but it's deflected. Corner kick!
23:26 - Torres heads Sturridge's corner but it wizzes by the goal post... on the wrong side unfortunately.
26:08 - Free kick for Chelsea! Zhirkov is brought down outside the box...
26:48 - Sturridge hits a scorcher that bounces off the keeper, but now blue shirts to react...
29:12 - Handball given right at the edge of the box. Should have been a penalty but then again, Chelsea aren't new to penalties not being given...
31:28 - Turnbull came outside the box and almost lost the ball... then his clearance is picked up by Portsmouth, but Turnbull manages to save it.
32:54 - Sturridge and Zhirkov do a lovely 1-2 but Sturridge steps on the ball and goes to ground... really?
36:11 - I don't know how many corners I've seen in a row... Portsmouth sucks at corner set pieces and Chelsea sucks at clearing them forward right now...
39:05 - zzzZZZzzzZZ
44:50 - Referee is scratching his leg... probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the match for a while... oh and 1 minute added time
46:35 - Referee brings the half to an end... thanks


47:47 - Everyones looking very sloppy right now...
49:25 - Kalou shows fancy footwork and you guessed it! it didn't go anywhere...
50:17 - Van Aanholt is pretty pacey... good future..
56:52 - Dubious foul given to Kalou... these refs...
58:05 - Hilario saves an excellent shot from a Portsmouth free kick
60:48 - Portsmouth penetrate the Chelsea defense, he is on his own. Hilario brings him down Yellow Card and Penalty! FUCK THAT! That was a dive!
80:47 - Chalobah almost gives up possession as he weakly heads back to Hilario
84:23 - John Terry stubs his boots right into the throat of Varney! goal kick to Chelsea.... for some reason.
86:30 - JT goes for a long shot... meh
88:33 - Chelsea making a good move forward... finds space... The ball rolls undisturbed across the 6 yard box...
89:36 - Anelka shoots... nope
90:00 - 2 minutes added
92:23 - Painfully boring match ends...