Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andre Villas-Boas it is!

Chelsea Football Club has ended all speculation and appointed Andre Villas-Boas as manager. I for one, am delighted to see this. He is possibly the most gifted young managers around as he is said to analyze every aspect of his opponents. Now, I only have 2 things I'm worried about. After the amount of money we have spent, how much is the transfer-budget? and also if Villas-Boas does not succeed in his first year, is he going to get the axe?

I hope he is given the chance to build his envisioned team and bring us that elusive UEFA Champions League trophy because let's face it:
a) These frequent changes in managers causes the team to lose rhythm
b) It's costing the club millions and therefore reducing not only our overall transfer budget, but also credibility. (Sugardaddy losing his image)
c) It takes time to build a team. If we keep changing we are gonna have bits of Jose's vision, a bit of Grant's, and so on and so forth...
d) All managers can go through rough patches. Look at Fergie's years... Managers like Ancelotti do not lose their ability and talent over 1 season... they are still the same managers that have won the Champions League a couple of times.

All I'm saying is, we should definitely settle on a manager we like for the next few years.