Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chelsea as a tool?

I am fairly annoyed that I have read of so many names linked with Chelsea. People are getting new offers from their respective clubs because they were 'recently linked with Chelsea'. I believe some agents hype up their clients and falsely drive their values up and Chelsea have become a tool for that. Seems like all you have to do to get a renewed improved deal is to have a rumor stating that Chelsea is looking at you. I think the club should look at some of these and make an official statement saying they have no interest in the player. At least that would deter some other clubs of offering new contracts to the sound of Chelsea... As for Neymar, it may to too late for him to join the squad now seeing as how much stir he has caused in the media and snubbing Chelsea because even if he was to join now, he probably would have some trouble fitting into the squad as the players will probably see him as a cocky little (insert profanity here)