Sunday, July 24, 2011

Match Report: Chelsea 4-0 Thailand All-Stars

00:00 - Kick-Off
03:36 - Chelsea dominating possession as they have been all pre-season
06:21 - Torres is smothered by 3-4 players as he tries some footwork
09:22 - Anelka with a nice strike from out wide... goal keeper grabs it
11:38 - Sturridge with an opporunity... way off target
17:22 - Anelka has another shot after Torres places a nice pass
20:02 - our 3 strikers are all out in the clear but Anelka's pass is weeeaaaakkk
22:43 - Now Anelka is just over-dong it in my opinion, but as long as we're getting shots off, it's good.
29:26 - I wouldn't say we are playing poorly, the Thailand defense is extra careful today. At least 5 defenders behind the ball at all times.
31:48 - Really nice shot from Thailand. Cech saves it.
34:04 - A nervous moment for the Thai side as 3 Chelsea players give the strike a go.
37:34 - GOOAALLL!!!! Frank Lampard from the edge the box... very nice shot!
44:50 - Lots of off-sides and lots of fouls... come on refs, you're slowing down the game
45:23 - Half Time


48:53 - GOAL! BOSINGWA's cross is deflected off the hand of the keeper!
51:20 - GOAL! Ivanovic puts in lovely movement and hits a goal in.
54:49 - Thai all-stars have a good chance after a few substitutions
59:48 - Very nice chance for Thai all-stars... Hilario saves it beautifully
60:34 - Thai All-stars really testing Hilario...
62:15 - Amazing save again by Hilario... he has been very impressive.
65:54 - Great chance for Zhirkov but it is shot straight to the keeper
71:54 - GOAL! Malouda finishes Cole's through ball very well
75:16 - Drogba shoots from far out... where's the ball go?!
76:06 - Drogba appears to score off the glove of the goalkeeper but it is ruled offsides... didn't look like an offsides though but whatever...
81:48 - Drogba heads Zhirkov's free-kick, it goes over the bars
87:35 - The Thai side seems like they have accepted the scoreline and is looking to play defensively. They aren't as lively as they looked before Malouda's goal
88:25 - OUCH!a bad challange on Kalou. Yellow card.
88:42 - Kalou gets up and attempts a goal.
90:46 - Final whistle! Chelsea 4 Thai All-stars 0